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Window & Door Flashing Membrane 9" x 75'

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Window & Door Protector is a self-adhesive membrane that eliminates drafts and water leaks.
  • 25 mil thick self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen and trilaminate woven polyethylene
  • Easy-to-remove silicone treated release sheet (split-back) on the self-adhesive side

Recommended Uses:

Use it to waterproof wood, brick, concrete, and metal surfaces and to ensure a continuous air/vapor barrier on the following structures:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Joints between waterproofing membranes installed without overlaps


  • Eliminates drafts and water leaks
  • Resists strong winds and gusts
  • Superior adhesion
  • Self-sealing around nails and screws
  • Red print pattern for high visibility during inspection
  • Consistent thickness
  • Can be sprayed with polyurethane foam
  • Individually wrapped rolls; clean and easy to install
  • UV resistant
  • Requires no special tools
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Meets ASTM standards


  • 25 ft. per roll
  • 225 ft. per Box
  • 8,100 ft per pallet


•Apply to clean, dry surface free of oil, grease or residue.

•Use a sample to verify adhesion on the substrate prior to installation. If superior adhesion is required, apply a coat of Grip-Rite™ Primer prior to installing the membrane.

•Use of Grip-Rite primer over surfaces such as OSB, concrete, gypsum or fibreglass structural panels is recommended. Note: Primers take longer time to dry if installed near the prescribed installation temperatures. Plan ahead to allow enough time for primer to dry prior to installing Grip-Rite Window & Door Protector.

•Adhesion of Grip-Rite Window & Door Protector is typically satisfactory over caulks and sealants such as polyurethane, silicones or butyl, provided they are fully cured. Note: It is recommended to test adhesion to surfaces and coatings prior to full application of the membrane.

•Cover Grip-Rite Window & Door Protector with a finishing material immediately after installation.

•Polyurethane may be sprayed over Grip-Rite Window & Door Protector. Note: Membrane should be previously mechanically fastened to the substrate using a termination bar to junctions, window or door frames, endings, and on the perimeter of the building prior to installation.

•Minimum application temperature: 14°F

Window & Door Protector Specifications

Property Standards Window & Door Protector

  • Thickness — 25 mil
  • Top face — Trilaminate woven polyethylene
  • Underface — Clear silicone release film
  • Tensile strength, MD/XD ASTM D5147 64 / 88 lb./in.
  • Tensile strength, MD/XD ASTM D412 13.1 Mpa
  • Ultimate elongation, MD/XD ASTM D5147 40 / 25%
  • Ultimate elongation, MD/XD ASTM D412 80 / 55%
  • Static puncture ASTM D5602 90 lbf
  • Static puncture ASTM E154 168 lbf
  • Tear resistance, MD/XD ASTM D5601 84 / 90 lbf
  • Cold temperature flexibility ASTM D5147 -22°F
  • Lap adhesion ASTM D1876 6.8 lbf/in.
  • Peel resistance ASTM D903 14.8 lbf/in.
  • Water absorption ASTM D5147 0.1% max
  • Water vapor permeance ASTM E96 (Procedure B) 0.016 perm
  • Air permeability ASTM E283 (75 Pa) 5.8 · 10 ft.³min · ft.²Resistance to sustained wind load ASTM E330 (3000 Pa-10 s) No delamination or variation in the air permeability
  • Resistance to gust wind load ASTM E330 (100 Pa -1 h) No delamination or variation in the air permeability
  • -5 lbf= pounds-force/foot Mpa= Megapascal Specifications subject to change without notice.
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