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Tuck Point caulking gun 1 quart

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Albion Engineering Company is pleased to introduce the B12MG Dispensing Gun for Mortar and Grout.  Now the joints between stone veneer, brick and tile can be filled cleanly and efficiently without smearing on the surfaces.  This smooth and powerful tool replaces the difficult to control hawk & pointing trowel and the mortar bag.  Cementitious or epoxy mixtures can be quickly and accurately placed in the joints and not on the face of stone, brick, or tile.  This means faster pointing, less waste and less cleanup.  Simply mix your mortar, attach the appropriate nozzle tip, then trowel or pour material into the reusable plastic tube for dispensing. Note: Mortar and grout requires careful mixture of material. 

The B12MG Mortar/Grout Gun can hold up to 30oz (Quart) of material, which means less loading.  It has a smooth and efficient 12:1 mechanical advantage drive, same as our popular B-Line caulking tools. It features a full-size handle for comfortable dispensing. The rubber plunger adjusts easily for no-leak dispensing. Features Albion’s legendary double gripping plate technology for no slipping and long life. The carriage swivels for non-stop pointing around corners. Kit includes barrel, mortar nozzle, grouting nozzle, and mixer.  Easily disassembles for cleaning and storage.

Mechanical advantage 12:1
Scoop or pour material into tube for dispensing
Barrel turns - application around corners
Rubber plunger between steel plates
T-rod - easy loading
Thumb actuated instant pressure release
Body - die cast zinc alloy
Power: 550 lbs. thrust
Weight: 4 lbs.
Gun length: 23 inches
Capacity: 1 quart


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