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Stucco Machine

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Stucco Machine Capacity: 0.550 gallons.

Galvanized Steel, Weight: 4.4 pounds 

Made of rubber with 105 fixed double blades,

Size:  9-1/4" X 10" X 6".

The manual  "flinger" is a galvanized steel unit with metal tines that "fling" a wet plaster onto a surface. The unit holds about one-half a gallon of material, and has a rigid handle. The turn crank causes the tines to pick up plaster material and splatter it onto a surface. These machines are used to apply a thin lime plaster, but it can be used for clay based plasters too. Can Match Most Surfaces.


  • Size: 9-1/4" X 10" X 6" .
  • Stucco Machine Capacity: 0.550 gallons
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds.
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