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Broken in PermaShape SS Trowel 12 x 5

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PermaShape Broken-In SS Trowel 12" x 5" w/Durasoft Handle
Made from the highest-grade stainless steel, properly
shaped and tempered to a golden finish.
Aluminum alloy mounting is lightweight but very strong.
Resilient DuraSoft handle provides a soft feel, reduces
fatigue and offers excellent durability.
Broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks right
from the start. Beginning finishers can do a better job
and be more productive sooner. Patented.
PermaShape comes in two styles- Broken-in and Flat. experienced finishers will no longer have the common break-in period of a trowel if they use Marshalltown's Broken-in PermaShape. The trowel will work perfectly right out of the box! That also means inexperienced finishers will be more productive sooner.
However, we have found that some finishers, especially in the EIFS and Plastering trade, prefer a blade that is not as curved as the Broken-in.
Please see the "FLAT" PermaShape trowels.
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