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4-3/4" Plastic Expandable Nail 250 pcs

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Masonry Expandable Insulation Anchor Plate. 

  • Head Size:  2-1/4" diameter
  • Overall Length:  4-3/4"
  • Used for Insulation thicknesses from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" .
  • Substrate:  Brick, Block, Concrete, Structural Tiles, and more.
  • Packaged 250 pcs. per box.
  • Requires a 3/8" masonry drill bit, approx. usable length 5" to 6".  "NOT SUPPLIED"


  1. Place appropriate thickness ridget insulation board against substrate.
  2. Using a drill or impact hammer drill insert the 3/8" masonry drill bit.
  3. Drill Hole through insulation into masonry approximately 1/2" deeper than the length of the Masonry Expandable Anchor.  (this helps to prevent bottoming out the washer and excess dust to accumulate).
  4. Place the Masonry Expandable Anchor into hole and push to help set the anchor washer.
  5. Place Plastic Nail into center hole of Anchor Washer.
  6. Set the nail with a hammer to the proper depth of washer making the head of the nail flush with the Anchor Washer.
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